How To Start An Indoor Herb Garden

          Herbs are the most convenient varieties of plants that can be grown any where. One can start an indoor herb garden even at a corner of the house or in a sunny window as it does not involve any massive home renovations. Another advantage of starting an indoor herb garden is that it is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to buying herbs at higher price in a supermarket. Some herb varieties that are easier to grow in an indoor herb garden include thyme, basil, parsley, oregano, garlic chives, mint and sage.

          There are different ways to start an indoor herb garden. The least expensive way of starting an indoor herb garden is to buy some seeds of chosen herb varieties and sow them in pots. For this, one has to fill a small peat pot completely with soilless mixture. This pot should then be placed in a bowl that is filled completely with water so that the entire mixture in the pot gets saturated with moisture. The seeds can then be buried into the soil. More than one seed needs to be planted in each soil so as to ensure that at least one of them germinates. Placing a plastic bag on top of the pot can help in retaining the moisture and create a warm environment facilitating the growth of seeds. These pots should be kept in a saucer filled with water so that the pot does not dry up. Once the seedling germinates from the seed, the entire peat pot can be transferred to a large container.

          Another easy method to grow herbs indoors is stem cutting. Six inches of a stem should be cut at the base of the plant and place it in a small jar or water. All the leaves should be removed to avoid stem getting rotten. Once the roots form, the stem cutting can be transferred to a pot.

          One can even opt to buy grown plants from a local garden center. However, these plants should be kept in a sunny location and fed with sufficient water and organic manure. Periodical trimming is necessary so as to ensure proper growth.

How To Start An Indoor Herb Garden






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