How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution ?  

The Philadelphia Convention, also known as the Constitutional Convention, which took place in 1787 from May 25 to September 17, saw 39 of its 55 delegates signing Constitution of the United States.

The convention came to be by the declaration of the Continental Congress that a body of delegates be appointed by the various states to revise the Constitution. The states responded by appointing 70 delegates, but only 55 of then would or could attend.

You would also find the signature of the convention’s secretary William Jackson in it.  He was not a delegate, but merely signed to attest the signing of the delegates.

An interesting signature is that of an absent deputy from Delaware by the name of John Dickinson. George Read, also from Delaware, signed it for him at his request.

Benjamin Franklin takes the position of the oldest member to sign the constitution; while Jonathan Dayton was the youngest. The first was a grand 81 years in age and had to be carried to the sessions in a chair. Dayton was only 26 years old.

Some of the delegates present refused to sign the document, namely Gerry from Massachusetts, and Randolf and Mason from Virginia.

Other main political players did not bother to put in an appearance at the convention as they were satisfied with the constitution of their time were Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry. 

Thomas Jefferson was not present as he was abroad at the time as a diplomat. 

Therefore, it can be said with certainty that a total of 39 delegates signed the US Constitution.

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How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution




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