Who Is Exempt Of Paying Income Taxes ?  

Almost everyone who has an earning has to pay taxes to the government. However, there are exemptions when the government wishes to ease the financial burden or promote economical status of an individual or organization. The exemption can be made from either the Federal or State income tax or both.

There are a large number of people who do not have to pay taxes to the government. The list is long, and it includes persons who are dependant on another person for income. They do not have to live together, and can be relatives or even a member of the household for an entire financial year. This list also includes a legally blind dependant, a church employee who earns as less as hundred and twenty-eight dollars and twenty-eight cents, or a nonresident alien who has no income whatsoever.

Self-employed individuals whose net earning is less than four hundred dollars, and a child under 19 even if he has an income of his own are also exempted from paying taxes. A full time student under twenty-four years of age or non-profit organizations like charitable institutions, schools, armed forces and some literary societies too enjoy tax-free earnings. Religious organizations and churches can receive tax-deductible donations. People who are dependant on welfare and Social Security, or war veterans with at least ten percent of medical disability along with people with total and permanent disabilities are also exempted from paying taxes to the government.

Those who earn a meager living are also exempted from paying taxes. The yearly amount should be less than eight thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars for a single person. For married couples, the joint income should be under seventeen thousand and nine hundred dollars. If the married individual were to file separately, then the income should be less than three thousand five hundred dollars to be considered exempt from paying taxes.

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Who Is Exempt Of Paying Income Taxes




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Who Is Exempt Of Paying Income Taxes ? )
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