Chapter 13 And Emergency Stay  

Under the Bankruptcy law, you are required to judiciously and regularly file all the documents required by the bankruptcy act. You may also need to evaluate the attached filing attachments and make certain that you have filed all the documents required.

Your case could be dismissed without further notice if you do not succeed to file all the essential documents within the time period acknowledged.

If you had a prior case awaiting within the previous year that was dismissed, you are recommended to pursuant to Chapter 11. The involuntary stay provided by the Chapter 11 when the bankruptcy petition is filed automatically ends in 30 days of the filing of your petition. To waive off this stay, you need file an action with the court in an appeal of an extension of the automatic stay and the court decides that the subsequent case was filed in good faith. If you do not file this motion, the stay will expire in 30 days. If you do file a motion, entitle it as an Emergency motion.

If you had two or more preceding cases pending in the previous year that were released, you are recommended that pursuant to 11 USC, no stay resulted when your petition was filed. Any party may demand that the court go through an order proving or validating that there is no stay in effect. To obtain a stay, you must file a motion, within 30 days of the date of the filing of the petition, and demonstrate that the new case was filed in good faith.

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Chapter 13 And Emergency Stay

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Chapter 13 And Emergency Stay )
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