Filing Chapter 7 With Rental Property  

According to the new Bankruptcy law, rental property to be submitted in bankruptcy is challenging and exigent. Before the law change,......

Before the law change, usually, the owners of rental property with no equity, and which the owner planned to submit, allowed to keep expenses from tenants, without making payments on the mortgages on the rental property, during the months before and after the owner’s bankruptcy filing. The property would then go through foreclosure, and any claim against the property owner for a mortgage deficit would be discharged. The owner could often pocket a fair sum of cash this way, with little fear of any unconstructive effect.

The new law involves a bankruptcy debtor to report the gross receipts from any business, including rental property. Expenses such as mortgage payments on rental property are then subtracted from gross receipts, resulting in a net profit or loss.  Nonetheless, losses cannot be subtracted from other income, such as from wages, and only expenses that were actually paid can be subtracted from gross receipts.

For rental property owners whose debts are not mainly business debts and who thus are subject to the means test’s income and expense analysis, not paying mortgage payments on rental property in the months before a bankruptcy filing can result in means test income which is too high.
For many rental property owners, particularly those who own only one or two properties of modest value, not paying mortgage payments in the months before a bankruptcy filing simply isn’t an alternative.

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Filing Chapter 7 With Rental Property

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Filing Chapter 7 With Rental Property )
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