Consumer Protection Law - Consumer Protection in the United States of America  

      Do Americans have consumer protecton in the United States of America ? Consumer Protection means enactment of laws to protect interests of the ultimate consumer and ensure that the end users get quality and standard products and services as promised by the manufacturer and/or the seller.

      Such laws punish manufacturers who resort to deceptive, false and misleading advertisements to push up the sale of their products. The purpose of consumer protection law is to remove ignorance and lack of knowledge on part of an average citizen and to put him at par with companies or individuals who are engaged in consumer oriented business and are well versed with the rules and regulations.

      Consumers before purchasing a product or service should gather information from friends and neighbors to have first hand knowledge about the product and its quality. Consumers can also gather information from the government’s consumer portal and other private agencies providing authentic review reports on various products. Consulting some private portals that provide ranking of different products based on various criteria will broad base one’s knowledge about a product and it will be easier to select a product and take an informed decision.

      The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Act (1972) and the Freedom of Information Act (1966) are important laws that protect consumers’ interests and make it mandatory for companies to provide detailed information about the product quality. In the United States several organizations including the Consumers Union, Better Standard Bureaus and the Federal Trade Commission are striving hard to prevent unfair practices adopted by unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers and to safeguard the interest of the consumer. A complain about an injury, death or an unsafe product can be lodged with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Complains about foods, drug and cosmetics can be lodged with the US Food and Drug Administration.





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Consumer Protection Law - Consumer Protection in the United States of America )
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