What Is A Business Continuation Plan ?  

A business continuation plan or the BCP is a process that restores a business plan and gets it back into practice whenever there has been a discontinuity. This is mainly done so that the business recovers from the losses and it is like retracing the steps back to the plan.

Several businesses tend to deviate from their original plan because companies sometimes lose focus on the way and just go with the flow. Going with the flow is good because the business stays current. However, it can severely backfire when it comes to achieving the goal. That is when the business continuation plan puts the business right back into its place.

Other than that there are several other factors like environmental disasters and unforeseen circumstances that cause the business to dysfunction. For example, a fire, earthquake or a regional incident can create setbacks for the business. During these times a business continuation plan would help the business to start where it stopped and continue with their plan without much of losses. It may be a procedure for claiming insurance, or implementing the plans that stopped midway.

This kind of plan reduces risks for the business and also helps with information management, security issues and organizational learning.

The business continuation plan is an essential part of risk management for a business. Every company or business sin the world has threats and risks to take. However, at the same time they should also know how to handle their risks or else they will simply have to shut down.

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What Is A Business Continuation Plan

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