Growth Of Franchising  

Business franchising has been growing tremendously in the United States of America and several companies have expanded globally with the help of franchises in several international locations. This trend has picked up by leaps and bounds in the last decade.

For example, look at the food and supply industry like McDonald, KFC and TGIF which are some of the major food chains in America. Today, they have presence in several other countries like Pakistan, China, India, Australia, Asia Minor and Middle East. All these locations are highly populated and the customer base is very wide. There is scope for several franchises in these locations.

There are several franchising models available today after studying the global franchise aspects. Several business studies have been conducted on this area of market and also there is a lot of demand for franchisees with several brands in several categories.  A franchisee helps to create an individual brand market and becomes unanimous business for that type of products. In America, more than individually run businesses in the food and clothing industry mainly, the growth of franchises were much higher. The same concept and success is now being transformed to the global markets and people all over the world are receiving the franchise models with much enthusiasm. This has led to the tremendous rise of various franchisees in different business backgrounds to come forth in the global scenario. Though the food and clothing industry was mainly taking over now it has extended even to the automobile and service industry.

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Growth Of Franchising

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Growth Of Franchising )
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