Definition Of Frivolous Lawsuit  

A frivolous lawsuit is the type of lawsuit that is brought on without any substantial reason or valid cause. Such lawsuits lack the merit. Some parties sue the other party without any cause or for something that is not even serious in nature. For the court to be involved he reasons should be valid and there should be cause enough to sue. However, frivolous lawsuits may maintain all legal fair grounds. They will have every point to prove legally. However, when it comes to justifying the cause it simply may not be good enough.

Many people in the United States actually sue others hoping for a huge settlement. For the settlement, they will be looking for reasons so that they can sue the other party. Sometimes these reasons are deliberately caused. For instance, if someone goes to a restaurant and the coffee was too hot, they will sue the restaurant owner. Such types of cases are considered as frivolous. They are just simply wasting their time and the court's time.

However, even if the reason for suing is very silly, the court has to consider the plaintiff’s plea and here the case out. This it is a waste of time for the court. Reportedly, the United States government spends more than 20 billion dollars every year in frivolous lawsuits. Whenever someone registers a case against another party they should list all the facts and reasons for filing the law suit. They also list the damages that are suffered and then claim them.

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Definition Of Frivolous Lawsuit

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Facts-About-Frivolous-Lawsuits      In the United States, after the recent recession there has been and outburst of frivolous law suits. People are suing their employees on all types of grounds and causes and also claiming damages on several counts. Thousands of people have been laid off and among these some have turned to filing frivolous law suits so that they can claim a huge settlement from their employer. Also, there have been several personal injury lawsuits that have been filed against the insurance companies and so on. More..




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