Facts About Frivolous Lawsuits  

In the United States, after the recent recession there has been and outburst of frivolous law suits. People are suing their employees on all types of grounds and causes and also claiming damages on several counts. Thousands of people have been laid off and among these some have turned to filing frivolous law suits so that they can claim a huge settlement from their employer. Also, there have been several personal injury lawsuits that have been filed against the insurance companies and so on.

The definition of frivolous lawsuit is a law suit that has been born due to absurd causes and reasons. Also, these types of lawsuits are seen as excessive.

Even medical malpractice cases are sometimes viewed as frivolous. Medical malpractice suits are being filed for the silliest of reasons. However, if you look around, there are several law firms that advertise encouraging people to file a law suit indirectly. When a lawyer or an attorney actually files a lawsuit, there are several repercussions that follow. The court will also have to investigate such a law suit. Several people are using the laws that are meant to protect them for their own selfish reasons. The fact is the frivolous lawsuits do not have a legal objection because the rule is that the court has to hear everyone out. Whether it is frivolous or not every, case deserves a chance. In the bargain, only lawyers end up making money in the form of fees. The court is the biggest loser in the whole game.

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Facts About Frivolous Lawsuits

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How-Many-Frivolous-Lawsuits-Get-Awarded-Damages      Civil lawsuits cost the United States court a hell of a lot of money every year. The estimate is around $200 billion dollars. All this money is being wasted all this money comes from the tax papers pocket. In the United States, every person is paying around $700 in taxes for law suits. Also, the maximum number of cases are personal injury ones and several states also have reported a sudden increase in the number of enrollments for lawyers in colleges. More..




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