How Many Frivolous Lawsuits Get Awarded Damages ?  

Civil lawsuits cost the United States court a hell of a lot of money every year. The estimate is around $200 billion dollars. All this money is being wasted all this money comes from the tax papers pocket. In the United States, every person is paying around $700 in taxes for law suits. Also, the maximum number of cases are personal injury ones and several states also have reported a sudden increase in the number of enrollments for lawyers in colleges.

Frivolous law suits come in all forms and ideas. Some of them are the weirdest and absurd. However, though the court hears the most frivolous of the law suits but it does not award compensation in all cases.

As a ratio for 100 cases filed, only 20 to 30 of them get some form of settlement. Not all the law suits are completely frivolous. Some cases may have some truth in them but they are exaggerated by the time when they come to the court. However, it depends whether the company that is being sued for is liable or not. If they are liable, then they have to pay damages.

In the year 1992, a woman from Albuquerque sued McDonalds for giving the coffee to hot to be safe and apparently it spilled on her. She sued the chain and got $160,000 as settlement. They found McDonald to be 80 percent liable. The case is clearly frivolous and the hot coffee could have cooled off. We could spill even spill coffee ourselves sitting at home, and yet it was awarded.

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How Many Frivolous Lawsuits Get Awarded Damages

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How-To-Fight-A-Frivolous-Lawsuit      There is nothing any body can do to prevent a frivolous law suit and people will continue doing it as long as they find a way of doing it. More than fighting a frivolous lawsuit it is best strategy to avoid them. For example, if you know that a certain party is going to the court, then you rather give them some amount and avoid a bigger headache. Frivolous lawsuits are just a waste of time for everyone. More..




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How Many Frivolous Lawsuits Get Awarded Damages ? )
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