How To Fight A Frivolous Lawsuit ?  

There is nothing any body can do to prevent a frivolous law suit and people will continue doing it as long as they find a way of doing it. More than fighting a frivolous lawsuit it is best strategy to avoid them. For example, if you know that a certain party is going to the court, then you rather give them some amount and avoid a bigger headache. Frivolous lawsuits are just a waste of time for everyone.

If you are running business and offering appropriate business services even, then someone will sue you for not offering proper services. In case you want to fight a frivolous lawsuit, the best strategy is to delay it as much as possible.

However, when you know that the lawsuit is frivolous the best strategy is to show a strong offense. When you have a case answer all the queries promptly without any delay and do not give chance for any counter claims or defenses. Consult a good attorney and see if you can claim damages, or penalties against them and their lawyer. Do not give in to the pressure and keep the momentum. Do not wait for a trail date and see if you have a settlement option instead.

The person who is filing for a frivolous law suit has no case and is looking for money. They will go to any extent to make it a painful experience for the other party and play their own trump cards. Also, in business, take written contracts from all your clients.

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How To Fight A Frivolous Lawsuit

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How To Fight A Frivolous Lawsuit ? )
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