Employee Non Disclosure Agreement  

A non disclosure agreement (NDA) is a type of contract that is signed between an employer and an employee. When a person gets employed by a company they will have access to most of the company information and some of it may be classified and secretive. It is always better that a company signs a non disclosure agreement with their employees, so that their interests and company’s information is protected.

With the increase in ethnology, several employees can get small transportable disk drives that can export huge amounts of data from one computer to another. A lot of company’s files and information can be leaked out. There may be several things that a company would wish to protect like trade secrets, intellectual property, and some other confidential information.

By signing a non disclosure agreement the employee is agreeing to keep the company information secret and not discuss with any person who does not require knowing. Whichever company uses computers signs a NDA with their employee. It is also common to sign NDA with self employed people and even on temporary projects. Banks and investment firms stress upon the value of NDA because they deal with financial information all the time.

A typical non disclosure agreement would carry out the terms and conditions of the agreement. It would list all the things that an employee cannot disclose to irrelevant parties about the company. It would also include the list of items the employee would have to surrender on termination or resignation from the job.

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Employee Non Disclosure Agreement

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Employment-Non-Disclosure-Agreement      A Non disclosure agreement is a type of contract that forbids the employees from disclosing any trade related information, classified information or proprietary knowledge under any circumstances. The signing of non disclosure agreement is very common while getting new employees into the company. It is a common step that any company takes. More..




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