What Year Did The Constitution Become The Law Of The Land ?  

The U.S. Constitution was first outlined and proposed in the House of the First Congress in the year 1787. However, it was ratified by all states and finally made operational as highest law of the land in the year 1788. It suitably replaced the then used Articles of Confederation, and was accepted as the Law of Land that would determine the enforcement of all other laws by the federal government, the powers and accountabilities of the three bodies of the government, and the fundamental rights of the citizens.

The final draft of the Constitution was made and put forward for ratification in front of over 55 delegates from different states present in the Constitutional Convention held on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was in the following year that the U.S. Constitution was finally accepted as the fundamental framework for the organization of the American government and establishment of a relationship between the federal government, the state legislatures, the U.S. citizens, and all the people within the country.

The Constitution defines the structure of the national government as divided into three main bodies -- The Executive Body headed by the President of the United States of America, the Legislative Body or the bicameral government, and the Judicial Body led by the Supreme Court. The powers, responsibilities, and functions of each of the 3 branches of the government have been clearly described in the Constitution. The Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times since the year in which it became the law of land.

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What Year Did The Constitution Become The Law Of The Land

What-Is-The-Definition-Of-The-Constitution      The Constitution is best defined as the highest or the supreme law of the land that decides on the enforcement of all other laws by the federal government. The Constitution is the smallest and the oldest written constitution effective till date. More..




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What Year Did The Constitution Become The Law Of The Land ? )
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