Facts About The First Amendment  

The First Amendment, as stated in the US Constitution, suggests that people have right to practice whatever religion they want; they have the freedom of speech; the right to gather peacefully; and the right to send a petition to the government to remedy their grievances.

Following are some important facts about the First Amendment of the Constitution of the USA:

  • After the establishment of independent America, the First Amendment to the US Constitution was made to assure the citizens of their basic rights. It served as one of the most important landmarks of an open American society and was considered to be the blueprint for an individual’s personal freedom.
  • It included clauses that aimed at protecting the basic freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly. These indispensible freedoms were described in detail in the Bill of Rights. It gave the press, citizens, protestors, and the religious minorities of the country freedom to fight against or criticize the Government for social changes.
  • The first 45 words of this momentous document, penned by James Madison, came to be known as the First Amendment.
  • The Amendment was implemented on December 15, 1791 and was ratified by the State of Virginia.
  • However, the implementation of the First amendment led to heated debates and disputes over the various forms of free speech that should be allowed to the public. There were increasing demands for imposing a ban on several forms of symbolic speech, such as nude dancing, solicitation, tobacco advertising, flag-burning, heavy metal lyrics, hate speeches, and hard core raps. Besides, most Americans wanted the Church to be separated from the state to some extent and the Ten Commandants to be removed from public buildings.

Although the First Amendment met with several controversies, it was a significant landmark in the history of the US Constitution.

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Facts About The First Amendment

First-Constitutional-Amendment      The First Constitutional Amendment or Amendment I was written by James Madison as a part of the Bill of Rights to assure the American citizens of their fundamental rights. It was first approved by the State of Virginia and finally implemented on 15 December, 1791 along with 9 other amendments. More..




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