Who Wrote The First Amendment ?  

It was James Madison, the father of the U.S. Constitution, who wrote the First Amendment in the year 1789. Initially, Madison had proposed 12 amendments, out of which only ten proposals were approved and put into effect as a part of the Bill of Rights by the Senate and the House of Representatives. Although, Madison was undoubtedly the one who wrote and put forward the 1st amendment, he was not the first to come up with the idea.

Following are a number of such factors that make it difficult to ascertain his status as the sole author of the First Constitutional Amendment:

  • In the beginning, James Madison is known to have considered the constitutional amendments as needless and superfluous. He claimed that the US federal government would never become strong enough to require a Bill of Rights. He was, therefore, a strong supporter of the ‘un-amended’ Constitution.
  • It was his mentor, Thomas Jefferson, who finally managed to make Madison realize the significant of amendments and convinced him to propose the Bill of Rights in both the houses.
  • The First Amendment to U.S. Constitution defines freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, petition, and press. It also proposes the separation of the Church from the State affairs. Although these ideas that constituted the 1st Amendment were penned down by Madison, they were originally given by Jefferson.
  • Jefferson, in turn, was inspired by the philosophical work of Cesare Beccaria and John Locke, the two great European Enlightenment philosophers of that age.
  • Besides, the language that Madison used to articulate Jefferson’s ideas in the First Amendment was instigated by analogous free speech provisions written into several other state constitutions.

Thus, while Madison indubitably the one who wrote the First Amendment, it would be an exaggeration to conclude that it was his original idea. He had put forward the First Amendment merely to honor his mentor and humor opponents in the two houses. What was more authentic was that a powerful and influential person like Madison actually made an effort to stand by these provisions to get them incorporated into the constitution permanently.

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Who Wrote The First Amendment

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