Bill Of Rights For Kids To Understand  

Generally, children find it very complicated to comprehend the term ‘Constitution’. Perhaps, nobody realized at the time of introducing the constitution and its amendments that it would be very difficult for the children to value its importance unless they understand it properly. Let us explain the bill of rights in simple terms, making it simple for the kids to understand.

Primarily, the Constitution is the utmost law in the US, which draws an outline for the government. A gathering of learned men, like James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, assembled in Philadelphia in 1787 to design the US Constitution. These people, known as the Framers, discussed about various ways and ideas to run the nation and at last approved the plan of making the Constitution. Some of the members did not give their approval until the constitution included a few particular rights for individual citizens. Therefore, James Madison suggested twelve modifications in 1971, out of which ten were accepted. Thus, these ten amendments frame the Bill of Rights.

Following are the 10 amendments in brief included in the Bill of Rights:

  1. Prohibition of making any law that stops anyone to follow or practice your religion. No restriction on peaceful meetings or demonstrations.
  2. No restriction on carrying arms for one’s own safety or to guard oneself.
  3. According to third amendment, a soldier cannot stay in others’ house without their consent, except there is a war or the government has made a law.
  4. No one can investigate your body, your house or any important papers or things unless you are proved culpable or they have strong reason to prove your crime.
  5. Any legal action can be taken for any crime only after the Grand Jury decides that there is sufficient proof for prosecution. Once a person is proved innocent, he or she cannot be tried second time with another jury.
  6. If someone is arrested, he is permitted to have a fast and public trial by a jury of common people from his area. A person has the right to know his or her accuser, the witnesses, and to ask for government help.
  7. Right to a trial by jury, in case of a civil or law case.
  8. A person will not be asked to pay more than what is logical for bail or penalty. No cruel punishments or torture, even if the person is found to be at fault.
  9. No misuse of the constitution by misinterpreting it.
  10. Reservation of state and people powers.

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Bill Of Rights For Kids To Understand

History-Of-The-Bill-Of-Rights      The Bill of Rights is an integral and important part of the US Constitution. It refers to the collection of the first 10 constitutional amendments that were put forward by James Madison in the House of Representatives of the First United States Congress. More..




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