Importance Of Bill Of Rights To Citizens  

The Bill of Rights is a list of fundamental rights of the citizens of a country and serves to protect these rights from infringement by the government. The most significant rights of the U.S. citizens and the fundamental civil liberties have been clearly defined in the first ten constitutional amendments that constitute the US Bill of Rights.

The utmost importance of Bill of Rights to citizens is evident from the fact that the bill is believed to be a representative of the popular American culture and a unified way of dealing with several constitutional issues that attracted the attention of people and the government for several years in the history of the US.

The amendments listed in the U.S. Bill of Rights are important to the citizens as they essentially aim at preventing the ensuing misinterpretations of power by the government and protecting the fundamental rights of the citizens and against any kind of encroachment by the government. The importance of Bill of Rights to US citizens can also be attributed to the fact that the bill serves to address several significant issues, as follows:

  • Right to possess firearms within the territory of the federal government.
  • Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, petition, and press to all citizens, regardless of their race, creed, or sex.
  • Proscription of any law inclined to establish or favor any particular religion.
  • Reservation of non federal government powers for the states and the citizens.
  • Abolition of capital, penalizing action, following an unprejudiced grand jury indictment.
  • Prohibition of any illegal act that denies life, liberty or property to a citizen.

Thus, the Bill of Rights, incorporated in the U.S. Constitution, is very important to the citizens to protect their rights and prevent the federal government from misusing its powers against the citizens.

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Importance Of Bill Of Rights To Citizens

What-Is-The-Bill-Of-Rights      The term Bill of Rights is used to refer to a list or a set of the most significant rights of the citizen of a country. The primary aim of these bills is to safeguard the listed fundamental rights against encroachment of any kind by the government. Originated from England in 1689, this concept was used worldwide by different nations to incorporate and define the fundamental rights of their citizens in their respective Constitutions. More..




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Importance Of Bill Of Rights To Citizens )
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