What Is The Bill Of Rights ?  

The term Bill of Rights is used to refer to a list or a set of the most significant rights of the citizen of a country. The primary aim of these bills is to safeguard the listed fundamental rights against encroachment of any kind by the government. Originated from England in 1689, this concept was used worldwide by different nations to incorporate and define the fundamental rights of their citizens in their respective Constitutions.

The US Bill of Rights is a series of the first 10 constitutional amendments that were put forth by James Madison in 1789 and put into effect in 1791. As it forms an integral part of the Constitution of the United States of America, it can be changed or amended only through special procedures that are applicable to any other constitutional amendment. The US Bill of Rights is, therefore, a form of an ‘entrenched’ bill that requires a referendum or a super majority for any modification. It traces it origin to the Magna Carta, the England bill of rights of 1215 CE.

The first amendment clearly defines the various civil liberties, such as the freedom of religion, speech, press, peacefully assembly, and petition. The second and the third amendments, on the other hand, emphasize on the right to bear firearms and the prohibition of forceful quartering of soldiers into an owner’s house respectively. Unjustified seizures, searches, and arrests without warrants were forbidden by the Fourth Amendment, while self-incrimination in cases of criminal offenses was prohibited by the Fifth Amendment. The other five amendments legalized the right to counsel, mandatory trial by jury, proscription of coral punishments, and the reservation of powers for the state and its people.

The Bill of Rights is an integral and important part of the U.S. Constitution. It is regarded not only as a symbol of the popular US culture, but also as an organized way to tackle a large number of constitutional issues that drew attention of the people and the government for many years in the American history. The amendments listed in the U.S. Bill of Rights essentially aimed at putting a stop to the ensuing misinterpretation of powers by the federal government and safeguarding the fundamental rights and civil liberties of the common citizen against infringement.

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What Is The Bill Of Rights

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What Is The Bill Of Rights ? )
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