What Is Freedom Of Religion ?  

Freedom of Religion is basically the right of a person or a community to practice their religion by means of worship, observing religious rituals, practicing the religion and teaching the beliefs of the region without any hindrance from the government.

The general concept of freedom of religion also includes the civil liberty of an individual to choose and practice religion of his own choice. As described by Thomas Jefferson and Madison, the father of U.S. Constitution, it is a basic right guaranteed to a citizen by its Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution addresses the issue of religion at two different places -- First Amendment and Article VI that forbids putting a person through religious tests if he or she wants to hold a public office. The First Amendment to the Unites States Constitution promises the religious civil liberties to the U.S. citizens. According to it, the government can pass a law or prohibit a person to from practicing of following his or her religion. The ‘Establishment Clause’ and the ‘Free Exercise Clause’ of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, proscribe the federal government from enforcing any law that is prejudiced to one particular religion and from interfering in the ‘free exercise’ of religious practices by the citizens.

Freedom of Religion has been stated and explained in detail in the First Constitutional Amendment. It effectively correlates with Thomas Jefferson’s concept of separating the church from the state affairs to avoid any infringement of the right of individuals to change or practice religion. The current concept of freedom of religion describes it as an exceptional combination of freedom of belief and freedom of worship without any state sponsored religion.

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What Is Freedom Of Religion

Freedom-Of-Religion-In-America      The Freedom of Religion in America is a fundamental right that is guaranteed to a U.S. citizen by the Constitution. It has been defined and described in detail in the religion clauses of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The freedom of religion also strongly correlates with Jefferson’s concept of keeping the church separate from the state affairs to prevent any encroachment of the right to practice religion. More..




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