Where Does Freedom Of Speech Come From ?  

Freedom of speech is a civil right that all citizens of the United States can exercise. This freedom is a provided by the Constitution allows a person the right to free speech and thoughts without any interference from the government. Freedom of Speech comes from the First Amendment in the Constitution.

The First Amendment, as defined in the U.S. Bill of Rights, clearly forbids the federal government from interfering with the speech of an individual unintentionally or arbitrarily. This protection of freedom of speech has been extended to the state governments by the ‘Due Process Clause’ of the 14th Constitutional Amendment.

The Freedom of Speech was included in the First Amendment by its author, James Madison. He proposed the First Amendment, along with eleven other amendments, in the House of Representatives in the year 1789. Out of the 12 amendment proposals put forward by Madison, only 10 were ratified and put into effect as the U.S. Bill of Rights. Although, Madison was the one who defined the Freedom of Speech in the 1st Amendment, the concept for the right was provided by Thomas Jefferson, who was also Madison's mentor.

Jefferson’s idea of fundamental civil liberties was in turn inspired by the works of the two great European Enlightenment philosophers, Cesare Beccaria and John Locke. Also, the content and the wordings of the statement of freedom of speech came from corresponding free speech provisions written into many other state constitutions. The main source of inspiration is believed to be the English Magna Carta of 1215 CE.

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Where Does Freedom Of Speech Come From

Freedom-Of-Speech-In-The-Usa      Freedom of Speech is precisely defined in the First Amendment of the Constitution. It is safeguarded by several federal laws, and state constitutions as well. Freedom of Speech is one of the many fundamental civil liberties stated in the U.S. Bill of Rights. More..




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Where Does Freedom Of Speech Come From ? )
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