Pros And Cons Of Right To Bear Arms  

Nearly eighty million Americans own guns today, and more than 23 million guns have been sold in the United States. There are thousands of unaccounted or missing guns in the country. The majority of the Democrats, and a minority of the Republicans favor the gun law today. There are pros and cons of rights to bear arms.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a gun are mentioned below:

We live in uncertain and violent times. We never know when our life is in danger and a gun is protection for our own safety. If someone had to attack, then the only kind of protection would be a gun. However, the gun is issued only to a person whose lie is likely to be in danger and for their own safety. A person has to pass several criteria before owning a gun and they are given only to responsible citizens and not everyone is given authorization to own one. People, who live in remote places, need guns for their self protection when the crime rate is high. Burglary and theft are plenty in remote places.

After the issue of guns started becoming frequent for ones own safety, the crime rate has also become high. When the gun gets into wrong hands like juveniles and kids, they just do not know how to handle it. There have been too many incidents of juvenile killing in schools and colleges in the United States. For a teenager, it might be a game but all it takes to kill another life is a shot of the bullet.

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Pros And Cons Of Right To Bear Arms

Should-Americans-Have-The-Right-To-Bear-Arms      The right to bear arms has been the most debated topic in the United States constitution. Several people believe that owning a gun is safe for their own good and many others disagree at the same time. A gun is a weapon and is dangerous. Even a child can kill others without knowing by just pulling the trigger. Some people argue that when we are living in a civilized society why we should own a gun. More..




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Pros And Cons Of Right To Bear Arms )
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