Voting Rights Facts  

American has been through a long history of voting rights and what it is today is the most modern and new version of it. Today’s voting rights are fair and square with everyone and is in its most civilized form. However, in the past it was not so simple. Women and African Americans were denied voting rights and it was a man’s world in its true sense.

Just some decades ago the African American citizens in the US could not even participate when it came to voting. Their status was still considered as slaves even though they were being employed by various people. Some citizens in the United States were subject to special kind of taxes so that their voting rights can be denied. In 1964 the first fight for voting rights began in Mississippi by some black students

Though it took more than a decade, the project was successful and finally the African Americans were given their voting rights. The entire movement was extremely violent and many students lost their lives in the whole process. Then came the women’s suffrage which was not so violent but it was perseverant. Women and African Americans have come a long way into fighting their rights for various things including voting rights. It even came to a point were the people refused to pay taxes if they were not allowed to vote. The various voting techniques adapted were also based on a mixed community thereafter. Today any person who is a citizen of America and is above eighteen years of age can vote.

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Voting Rights Facts

What-Was-The-Voting-Rights-Act-Of-1965      The National Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed so that any discrimination in voting practices was removed from the government policies, and every citizen of the US who was 18 years of age and above had voting rights irrespective of their caste, color, gender and religion or previous status. More..




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