How Many Members Are In The Us House Of Representatives ?  

The US House of Representatives is one of the two main bodies that comprise the legislative branch of the U.S. Government. While it represents the lower house of the bicameral Congress, the upper house is represented by the Senate.

The structure and size of the House has been clearly stated in Article 1 of the Constitution. Accordingly, there are 435 members in the US House of Representatives at present. This particular size of 435 members was first proposed on August 8, 1911 by Public Law 62-5 and was eventually put into effect in the year 1913.

Each of the 435 state representatives in the House is required to serve a term of two years. Each member of the US House of Representatives represents a small district of their state. Thus, concepts of apportionment of seats and redistricting of states are the two most important characteristics of the structure of the House of Representatives.

Although the total number of representatives per state is proportionate to the population of that particular state, each state has at least one representative in the House. For example, while California has a total of 53 representatives, other small states like Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Alaska have just one member representing them in the House. The numbers of members in the US House of Representatives has remained to be 435 since the year 1913. However, the representation among various states keeps on varying. The number of representatives from different states is established in accordance with the state’s population as recorded by the federal census that is conducted every ten years.

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How Many Members Are In The Us House Of Representatives

Structure-Of-The-Us-House-Of-Representatives      The House of Representatives is the lower house of the bicameral United States Congress and forms an integral part of the Legislative Branch of the government. The structure of the US House of Representatives has been precisely described in Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution. More..




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How Many Members Are In The Us House Of Representatives ? )
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