What Year Did The Constitution Become The Law Of The Land ?  

The U.S. Constitution was first outlined and proposed in the House of the First Congress in the year 1787. However, it was ratified by all states and finally made operational as highest law of the land in the year 1788. It suitably replaced the then used Articles of Confederation, and was accepted as the Law of Land that would determine the enforcement of all other laws by the federal government, the powers and accountabilities of the three bodies of the government, and the fundamental rights of the citizens.More...

How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution ?

How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution

A total of thirty nine delegates from the different states of the US signed the Constitution on September 17, 1787. The Constitution of the US is a comprehensive document that contains a pre-defined set of rules, which ascertains the powers, responsibilities, organization, and functioning of the federal and state governments. It also defines clearly the various civil liberties and the fundamental rights enjoyed by the U.S. citizens.More...


What Is The Purpose Of The Bill Of Rights ?

What Is The Purpose Of The Bill Of Rights

The Bill of Rights deals with many important constitutional matters, adopted and planned carefully to reach a point of accord at various times in American history. The main purpose was to avoid misinterpretation of powers and to make public believe in the constitution.More...


History Of Presidential Pardon

History Of Presidential Pardon

The Presidential Pardon can be used by the U.S. President to alleviate the punishment given to a person or a body for a crime. The clauses of ‘pardon’ have been amended significantly since the inception of the original definition stated in the U.S. Constitution. Now, the U.S. President is allowed to grant pardon only for crimes against the laws that are directly under his jurisdiction.More...


Who Proposed 19th Amendment ?

Who Proposed 19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution emphasizes voting equality for women in the country. It prohibits the federal or state governments from denying the voting rights to any US citizen on the basis of sex. It was strongly supported by President Woodrow Wilson and was put forward in both the houses January 9, 1918.More...


What Is The Minimum Age For A Senator ?

What Is The Minimum Age For A Senator

Every government position has a minimum age that needs to be met if they would like to stand for the post. There is a minimum age for candidacy for the senator also. In most of the states, the age when a person can start voting is the minimum age required. They are eligible to stand not only for election and also to cast their ballot.More...


House Of Representatives From Each State

House Of Representatives From Each State

The House of Representatives represents the lower house of the bicameral Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. government. Article 1 of the Constitution clearly explains the structure and size of the House. The number of members in the House of Representatives from each state keeps varying according to the population of that particular state.More...


What Does A Lobbyist Do ?

What Does A Lobbyist Do

A lobbyist is a high profile activist or a professional who uses his communication skills and thorough knowledge of legislative processes to influence legislation on behalf of his client and convince the Members of the Congress to vote for the public policy in favor of his clients’ interest. Organized group lobbying has been well defined and protected in the U.S. Constitution. It is a kind of advocacy that aims at influencing the decisions made by legislators, other government officials, individuals, and other advocacy groups.More...


Native American Voting Rights

Native American Voting Rights

The Native Americans were granted United States citizenship only eighty years ago. Until then, the Native Americans were treated as outcasts and their lands were snatched and many of them were sent out of the country. The Native Americans in the US have had several set backs because they were primitive in their practices, being uneducated, and also they did not know English.More...


Freedom Of Speech On The Internet

Freedom Of Speech On The Internet

Freedom of Speech is protected by the First Amendment of Constitution. The full protection of Freedom of Speech was extended to Internet in a rare decision taken by the U.S. Supreme Court in the famous case of Reno v. ACLU. This historic decision eliminated certain significant clauses of the 1996 Communications Decency Law that proscribed the ostensible "indecent" online communication.More...


Historical Laws And Freedom Of Religion

Historical Laws And Freedom Of Religion

The Freedom of Religion in the US is a basic right promised to an American citizen by the Constitution. Historical laws and freedom of religion have been strongly associated in the history of the U.S. Constitution.More...


History Of The Right To Bear Arms

History Of The Right To Bear Arms

The Right to Bear Arms, as stated in the Second Amendment, is an affirmation that the U.S. citizens have a fundamental right to own weapon (s) or firearms for their personal use or/and as a collective group.More...






What is the definition of the constitution? - What year did the constitution become the law of the land?

What-Is-The-Definition-Of-The-Constitution      The Constitution is best defined as the highest or the supreme law of the land that decides on the enforcement of all other laws by the federal government. The Constitution is the smallest and the oldest written constitution effective till date. More..




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