Definition Of A Lobbyist  

There are numerous definitions of a lobbyist. There is no single definition of a lobbyist that can be taken into consideration while neglecting the others. As all the definitions contribute some or the information to further help us understand what a lobbyist is. Nonetheless, a lobbyist is an important part of law making process involving the Congress.

Lobbyists are activists who are highly conversant in the legislative process and serve to aid in the preliminary research, presentation of information, collection of suitable evidence for congressional hearings, and arrangement of face to face meetings with the agency officials and/or the members of the Congress in order to leave a good impression on the decision makers and get the bill passed by the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. Thus, the regulated activity of lobbying is well protected under the Constitution of the United States of America, which guarantees the citizens fundamental rights to speech, religion, assembly, press, and petition.

At times, lobbyists also function as a mere “extension” of the office staff or the agency officials of the U.S. Congress. They assist the congressional staff by providing them accurate information about the hundreds of bills and amendments that are introduced during the legislative sessions and making their learning process much simpler than before. Thus, lobbyists are knowledgeable people who provide valuable services to their clients as well as to the Members and official staff of the Congress. They have a thorough understanding of the legislative process and the required aptitude to strategically plan regular follow ups with the congressional members or agency officials.

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Definition Of A Lobbyist

What-Are-The-Requirements-To-Be-A-Lobbyist      A lobbyist is a high-profile activist or a public relations professional with thorough understanding of the legislative process and the skills to strategically plan follow-ups with the Members of the Congress, which is of great value to their clients. A lobbyist is the one who can use his strong skills of communication to convince legislators to vote in favor of the public policy put forward by their client. Usually, a lobbyist is hired by trade organizations, public interest groups, and public relation organizations. Some lobbyists also function individually as an ‘extension’ of the Congressional office staff. More..




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