What Is The Job Of A Lobbyist ?  

A lobbyist is a professional who attempts to convince the policy makers and/or the elected agency officials in different ways to vote for the public policy in favor of their client. The job of the lobbyist actually depends on the group or the organization he/she is associated with. Usually, different organizations and advocacy groups have a diverse set of lobbyist jobs to uphold their interests and get their opinions and demands heard and accepted by the policy makers.

The primary job of a lobbyist is to use his network of contacts and past experience in public relations to arrange face-to-face meetings with the legislators and build strong relations by providing them with all the written reports, graphs, and other statistical data related to the group’s position and the proposed policy. While some lobbyists prefer to work for public policy, some others get associated with special interest companies.

Following are the various kinds of jobs of a lobbyist:

  • Health Care Lobbyist: His job is to get the legislative acts pertaining to health care approved in the House of Representatives. They are also required to carry out extensive research concerning the impending healthcare bills and legislations, organize educational materials for medical seminars, and attend medical conferences on behalf of the health organization that they are associated with.
  • Lobbyist Consultant: Although he lobbies on behalf of a company or an organization, he does not work directly under it. A large majority of lobbyists function as an important link between the organization and the voting committees. Lobbyist consultants more often than not work in a wide range of specialized areas, ranging from taxation issues to important regulatory affairs.
  • Public Policy Associates: Their job is to attend special meetings and events on behalf of the organization. They are responsible for speaking in the media as the company spokesperson and arrange meetings with the directors of the concerned community programs and government agencies.

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What Is The Job Of A Lobbyist

Definition-Of-A-Lobbyist      There are numerous definitions of a lobbyist. There is no single definition of a lobbyist that can be taken into consideration while neglecting the others. As all the definitions contribute some or the information to further help us understand what a lobbyist is. Nonetheless, a lobbyist is an important part of law making process involving the Congress. More..




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What Is The Job Of A Lobbyist ? )
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