How Long Is The Term Of A Senator ?  

The senators are usually selected by the state legislature and they are not elected through general elections initially. However, by the 20th century, as many as twenty-nine states in the US started electing senators through elections and the popular election for choosing a senator became the norm eventually.

Every senator serves a period of six years. However, in the United States, nearly one quarter of the states is up for senator elections again for one reason or the other. Every state has its own schedule and it depends on when the term started. The campaigns for senator elections start two years earlier to the expiry. Currently senators whose term will be expiring in 2011 will belong to the Class III. If a certain member has been selected, but has not been elected yet, he or she will be called a senator elect candidate. A member who has been elected but not yet taken over is called a senator designate.

The elections for senators are usually held either on the first Monday or Tuesday in November and the years are also numbered. The Election Day will usually be in accordance with the House of Representatives. The senators are elected by the entire state and in several states an initial election is held at first, both the democratic and the republican parties will vote. Even though a senator is appointed for six years there may be mid term vacancies for unforeseen reasons. Like a death of a senator or some other reason. A temporary senator is appointed until the reelection takes place.

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How Long Is The Term Of A Senator

How-Many-Times-Can-A-Senator-Be-Re-Elected      In any state, a senator can be typically reelected any number of times. Every senator serves a period of six years and there are three schedules that the United States follows for election of the senator. Each zone falls into an election category. The state elections are held and public votes are invited. Typically, every time there is an election, candidates from both the Democrats and Republicans participate. More..




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How Long Is The Term Of A Senator ? )
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