How Much Does A Senator Earn ?  

A senator is the head of the state, and every state in the US has a senator. The senator is elected through popular elections and once in every six years the senator is elected. The elections of the senators take place immediately after the election for the president. As per the official records, the annual salary of a senator is $174,000. This salary is likely to be revised according to the employment bureau.

However, most of the people who become senators are already millionaires and have substitute income from elsewhere. This gives an impression to the general public that the senators are millionaires and they earn a lot of money. In 2003 alone, more than 40 senators of the US were very rich and they were already millionaires. Usually a senator would need to spend a lot of money on campaigns and promoting the party in order to become one and unless they are rich they cannot do that.

Senators also get other benefits along with earning salaries. They receive health benefits for them and their families and also retirement benefits. It is very similar to any other federal employee. The senator is typically covered by the Federal employee’s retirement system and the Civil Service retirement system. Senators are also eligible to receive a pension and it is calculated based on the highest salary earned in three years. Senators are given a high level of importance in the House of Representatives and they are prominent political leaders usually. Also, senators after serving their term can run for presidential elections if they were popular. 

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How Much Does A Senator Earn

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