What Is The Minimum Age For A Senator ?  

Every government position has a minimum age that needs to be met if they would like to stand for the post. There is a minimum age for candidacy for the senator also. In most of the states, the age when a person can start voting is the minimum age required. They are eligible to stand not only for election and also to cast their ballot.

The maximum age is very unclear because setting any number to it would fall into age discrimination problems. Typically, a man can vote as long as he lives. The chances of young people getting elected into the office are rare and there have been extreme cases. Although throughout history there have been instances where younger people starting from the age of twenty-nine have been elected as a senator but usually the position is given to middle aged people or more.

Typically a candidate for a senator post can be any eligible candidate who can vote whether young or old. If the person is mature enough to vote and take part in the government decisions, then they can also become a part of the government. The minimum age or the maximum age really does not matter as long as they have the support and the back up in the politics. However, to handle a role of the senator always a mature individual is elected so that they have experience in politics and running the affairs of the state. If the candidate is too young, then they may not receive the ballot access.

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What Is The Minimum Age For A Senator

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