Copyright Notice For Derivative Works  

A derivative work means a replica of an author or owner’s work by another party. To create a derivative work, an individual requires the permission of the owner of the original work.

To understand derivative work in detail, let’s take an example. The movies which are based on an author’s work, such as Lord of the Rings movies are derivative works of the Lord of the Rings books. Hence, New Line Cinema took permission from J.R.R. Tolkien to make and distribute these films.

If the owner or author grants permission for his copyright work being used by the other party, it is free of any offense. However, if a person uses a copyright work of an author without his permission, he is held condemned for violating the derivative work right. And the author of the original work gets the right to file the lawsuit against the other party.

In some cases, a work is inspired by an author’s original work. But the inspired work should be different from the original one; then only it can be counted as a new work. The other party gets the right to own his new work and thus it can be copyrighted.

The same law is applicable for two-dimension creations. However, this law is not valid for three-dimensional works. A three-dimensional work may differ from its original creation; it may have been shot from a different angle. Hence, in such cases both may qualify for distinct copyrights.

Also, pictures of real time objects such as copyrighted buildings and other monuments may not be considered as derivative works. In such cases, only the authorities who hold the copyright of these works may allow for a derivative work to take place.

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Copyright Notice For Derivative Works.


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Copyright Notice For Derivative Works. )
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