How To Copyright For Free ?  

This has been the question of concern since decades. How can you copyright your precious creations such as writing, music, photos, names, websites, business ideas, and software from being misused by others? Particularly, the question arises, is it possible to copyright for free?

The answer to this question is you can copyright your work free of cost. The United States copyright law protects your work all the time. It is completely free of cost. Moreover, you are not required to register for it. However, there are some advantages associated, if you register for copyrighting your work. Hence, it is recommended that you should opt for registering. But, registering includes a certain amount of fee.

A copyright law protects several things such as written materials i.e. novels, articles, screenplays, etc. Also it protects music, software, photographs, websites and other materials. But few things are not protected by copyright law such as names, titles, simple recipes, short phrases and idea. You can protect these works by other means such as patent and trademarks but they are not automatic.

As soon as you create a work, copyright automatically protects your work. Copyright is an automatic process and you don’t need to register for it.

If your work is very important then you should consider registering it. Registration entails an explicit documentation that you are the sole owner of your creation; hence no one can misuse it. The author is given the exclusive rights of its product and any person who violates copyright law is condemned guilty in the court of law. Registering your work for copyright can be tremendously helpful if any legal battle regarding the ownership of the work arises.

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How To Copyright For Free


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