People Against Copyright Laws  

Though copyright has been activated to protect the author’s creations from being misused by others, there are certain individual and groups which take it as a threat against their activities.

People against copyright laws strongly believe that copyright laws are of no use and it has further damaged the entire community.

These groups are often called as anti-copyright groups because they oppose the prevailing copyright laws. Anti copyright groups question the judgment of copyright on economic and cultural grounds. The recent ban on peer to peer file sharing has led many anti-copyright groups to revolt for their rights openly. These anti-copyright groups justify their arguments against the copyright law by telling that the entire mass copies and argue on the grounds that they require sharing their cultural knowledge and it doesn’t mean cheating.

Some anti-copyright groups that have evolved recently are Pirate Cinema and groups such as The League of Noble Peers. Various anti-copyright groups have come forward recently. Their major topics of argument revolve around peer to peer file sharing, digital freedom, and freedom of information.

According to these groups, a copyright law which allows creators exclusive rights of their works promotes further growth and creativity by giving the author a source of income. They feel that copyright law does no good to the society. Contrarily, copyright suffices to help only a few mass at the cost of creativity. These groups claim the copyright laws to be archaic. They only emphasize on one factor that all human beings have copied relentlessly and everyone needs to share their cultural knowledge.

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People Against Copyright Laws


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