Copyright Infringement Of Digital Music  

These days people have started relying on technology more than ever. The technology has given us the internet which has made everything so easily accessible. Various websites are available online which allow easy download of digital music and movies.

Now, people don’t feel the need of buying original CDs and DVDs of upcoming movies when it is available online. People just wait to get these movies, their favorite songs and digital music online. This infringement has spread so widely that it has become uncontrollable. This violation has only been possible because of file sharing programs which are easily available online. This software has made music download so easy that even professionals download digital music online and used it for their specific projects.

Earlier people used to borrow CDs from their friends and copied and used them for their purposes. However, that didn’t pose as a major threat to the U.S. copyright law. But now when digital music and movies are freely available online, it has become more accessible to the larger mass. Such violation has become a major challenge for the U.S. copyright law.

Nowadays, many music industries and companies are trying to prevent such violations and are filing cases against such infringements. Various music industries and copyright agencies are taking tremendous efforts to educate people that downloading copyrighted music is against the law and can cause serious trouble.

Recently, many lawsuits were filed against individuals who resided in the small town areas of the U.S. This shows that various measures have already been taken by the U.S. government to curb such music violations. Hence, it’s clearly evident that copyright laws are becoming more difficult and composite in response to the rapidly growing technology.

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Copyright Infringement Of Digital Music


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