Copyright Infringement Prosecution And Internet  

Copyright infringement is increasing day by day. Millions dollars of crime are taking place which is hurting both the companies and the consumers.

There are many underground online communities that include individuals and organized groups. These groups use the internet to deal in the large-scale, illegal distribution of copyrighted software. Such pirated softwares are easily available to teens who exchange computer codes for music and games. They don’t bother to use the licensed one when pirated softwares are easily available free of cost. These softwares have made easy access to copyrighted software, video games, DVD movies, and MP3 music files, often before those titles are even available to the general public.

The copyright infringement has also opened gates for crackers. Crackers are softwares that can be used to crack the digital copyright protections.
Stealing the intellectual property of others is as serious offense as any other form of thievery. The United States government is taking it very seriously. It is a priority of the officials to protect the intellectual property rights of nation’s inventors and creators. In recent years, the officials have conducted the most aggressive and successful prosecutions of online piracy.

Officials have arrested many individuals and groups and have seized a file server that was used to illegally collect, store, and distribute tens of thousands of pirated software titles, games, movies, and music files. Thousands of pirated CDs and DVDs, plus dozens of computers and servers were confiscated in the United States. This way the U.S. government is trying to curb the copyright infringement cases pertaining to the internet.

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Copyright Infringement Prosecution And Internet


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Copyright Infringement Prosecution And Internet )
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