Electronic Arts Copyright Infringement  

As we all know that copyright infringement is increasing day by day. Similarly, copyright infringement of electronic items has also increased considerably these days.

Recently, many lawsuits have been filed against illegal buying and selling of electronic devices on the internet.

Many lawsuits have been filed against various forged companies who held illegal businesses of selling movies, electronic items, software and hardware to the people. The irony is that many innocent people and the business market suffer because of such copyright infringement cases.

In one of the cases, a forged company made illegal copies of Sony PlayStation and PlayStation2 games and sold them over the Internet. The same company was also charged for selling and distributing unauthorized copies of copyrighted movies. According to the sources, it is claimed that a person could purchase over 2,000 pirated PlayStation, Nintendo software games, PlayStation and Nintendo hardware, modification chips for Sony PlayStation game hardware. This website also offered around 140 pirated movies on its website. Many of the movies showcased on this website have not yet been released to the public. 

Another major case which came into limelight was, when the Indian creators of a Scrabble on Facebook were litigated by Hasbro, the company that owns the North American copyright of the Scrabble game. The Scrabulous game has become one of the most popular activities on the Facebook.

Hasbro claimed in his lawsuit that Scrabulous breaches its copyright and trademarks. Hence, Hasbro asked Facebook to block the game. Hasbro is also trying to stop Scrabulous completely and gather indefinite damages caused by it.

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Electronic Arts Copyright Infringement


Lawsuit-Statistics-On-Copyright-Infringement      Copyright infringement statistics are quite inflated these days. Estimations reveal that in the United States, 30 percent of software available on internet is infringed. Hence, it’s a matter of concern for all copyright holders that copyright infringement has increased considerably these days. More..




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Electronic Arts Copyright Infringement )
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