Lawsuit Statistics On Copyright Infringement  

Copyright infringement statistics are quite inflated these days. Estimations reveal that in the United States, 30 percent of software available on internet is infringed.

Hence, it’s a matter of concern for all copyright holders that copyright infringement has increased considerably these days. It has been observed that statistics of infringement of intellectual properties have increased by twenty five percent since few years and it is still increasing.

The copyright infringement statistics indicate a lot of variations in pirating software and music. Many lawsuits have been filed wherein the suspects range from college students to professionals. These defendants illegally download music and softwares on a regular basis.

The copyright infringement cases have affected various sectors of industries. The music recording industry has been badly hurt by online infringement. Statistics also reveal that many people download games from the internet without giving a second thought about who is the owner of the copyright and if it’s legal to download them.
Apart from music and games, copyright infringement statistics also show that movies are also downloaded in large scales from the internet. Many peer to peer file sharing programs are available online these days. Hence, it has made easy for people to download copyrighted movies and DVDs from the internet. Copyright infringement statistics also show violation in literary works such as books, articles, poem and other stuffs.

Hence, copyright infringement statistics reveal that many areas of communication have been affected by violation cases. It totally depends on us to minimize such violations and stick to lawful activities. Always, create an original work and if you feel the need to take help from other’s work, take permission from the owner of the creation so that you are saved from becoming a copyright infringement statistic.

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Lawsuit Statistics On Copyright Infringement



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Lawsuit Statistics On Copyright Infringement )
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