Pharmaceutical Advertising And Copyright Infringement  

Advertisements have become an integral part of marketing one’s products. Same theory applies to pharmaceutical products as well. Gone are those days, when advertising of drugs were minimal.

Now, these advertisements are everywhere, in newspapers, magazines, internet, on TV and all other means of communications. 

This routine came into act when the FDA gave a green signal to direct-to-consumer advertising in 1998. But the thing is; a number of people get influenced by these ads. Doctors admit that nowadays all their patients demand the latest, flavor of the month drug that they see on the TV. Not only this, people get convinced also that these drugs will be better for them.

Though, these advertisements must be useful for the mass, the effects have been observed to be contradictory. Many cases have come up wherein people consume high-profiled drugs without doctor’s prescriptions. People get so influenced by the advertisements that don’t feel the need to consult their doctors before consuming the drugs. In many cases, it has been observed that people get addicted to such drugs. Also, some drugs that are advertised openly have side-effects of heart-attacks, hypertension, low blood pressure and other ailments.

Such advertisements have also led to copyright infringement cases. Many pharmacists sell banned drugs because people demand for it. In some cases, people also suffer because they were not properly informed about the side-effects of these drugs. Representatives from pharmaceutical companies give evidence to defend their companies’ marketing practices. However, now the medical law has become vigilant and has ordered the advertising companies to make people aware of all the conditions pertaining to the drugs.

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Pharmaceutical Advertising And Copyright Infringement


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Pharmaceutical Advertising And Copyright Infringement )
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