Examples Of Intellectual Property  

Intellectual property is the product of one's own efforts and work. It applies to software programs, literary work, composed music or any creative product.

There are several types of intellectual properties like inventions, discoveries, architecture, trade ideas, trade secrets, business ideas, writings, art work, musical compositions and performances. Even if the intellectual property is not protected by law, it is still the intellectual property of someone.The laws of intellectual property apply to employees, anyone who is under the influence of the property, common man, students and anyone who is interacting with the intellectual property.

If a person is working for a certain employer who is enabling the facility leading to the intellectual property, then it is owned by the company and not the employee. For example, if a software developer creates a program while working for a software company, then the program belongs to the company. The company has the right to sell and distribute the software. While signing the employment agreement, the person clearly gives ownership of the intellectual; property to the company that is employing them. If the intellectual property is created by an employee while he or she is employed with a company or when they are using the facilities of the employer and when the intellectual property is being commissioned by the employer, then the right ownership belongs to the employer.

There are several examples of intellectual property policies like software programs created by IBM and Microsoft, chips created by Intel and similar computer industries.

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Examples Of Intellectual Property


Explain-Intellectual-Property      Intellectual property is an idea or knowledge that is created using an individual or a group of individuals, intellect. It can include several things like inventions, discoveries, software programs, songs, movies, written materials like articles and books and anything that is created using creativity. More..




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