Consequences Of Plagiarism  

Plagiarism is a widely recognized problem in journalism and academic papers. There is a tremendous increase in plagiarism statistics.

Plagiarism is when two documents bear extreme amounts of similarity to each other. While two documents can have the same subject and can carry information that has the same meaning, they cannot use the same set of words in the same order.If there are a few sentences that are commonly used in the language, it is not plagiarism. But if large parts of documents are similar to each other with the same sequence of words, then it is called plagiarism.

There are several tools available on the Internet that check for plagiarism. You can copy and paste your document on these programs and they will identify if the information is plagiarized. These programs are so strict that they come up with plagiarized results even if four words in a sentence have been repeated.

However, there is no legal action that can be taken for plagiarism. The party who has suffered due to it can just take some basic measures. If a student has plagiarized the content, then their project is cancelled or the student is suspended. However, if plagiarism is taking place on the Internet, then the party who has copied the content is liable for the damages caused to the true owner of the content, and also their account with the Internet service provider and the web hosting provider may be suspended.

Plagiarism is a copyright infringement, and all the penalties that are applied under copyright laws are applicable to plagiarism also.

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Consequences Of Plagiarism


Definition-For-Plagiarism      All writers look for appreciation and acknowledgement, but when it comes to seeing their own work undersigned as someone else’s, the issue may take a serious or ugly turn. Plagiarism is a terminology that should be common knowledge to all today, especially students preparing dissertations and budding professional writers. More..




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Consequences Of Plagiarism )
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