How Do I Locate Public Domain Books ?   

It is often opined that progression in technology has made the world a smaller place. In fact, innovation in electronics and communication has made everything accessible by touch of a button.

Public domain books, especially those existing online, truly personify this phenomenon. Books that are included in public domain do not fall under the control of any solitary individual.There are no copyright issues involved and the matter is for public disposal without any fear of illegalities. Public domain books are a boon for vivacious readers as one can study books on any subject free of charge. It is rather convenient to trace a book online if one is aware of a few basics encircling the book in mind. Today, relaxing in the comfort of one’s home, any book can be enjoyed without the stress of royalty.

Books in public domain also form a source of living for many. This includes people who do not hesitate in plagiarizing the work of others. After making superficial alterations in the original piece, they publish a new book under their name and bask in the limelight of plagiarized creativity.

The Internet Archive, or IA, is an enormously popular source of public domain books. The IA was conceived in the year 1996 by Brewster Kahle, and has been given recognition as an official library by the State of California. The Internet Archive is a non-profitable agency that supplies information to intellectuals via an online digital library. It also contains movies, audios and other software.

Another avenue for searching public domain books is the Project Gutenberg. This happens to be one of the oldest sources of the same, wherein books can be located with ease with either the assistance of the title, author or subject. Apart from convenient access and viewing, matter can also be downloaded and stored in the form of zipped text. The Internet Public Library also serves the same purpose. Books are available at this online in the format of txt or html. Google Book Search has also gained popularity as a vast resource module of online books. However, only books falling under the head of public domain can be viewed completely. Books protected under copyright law cannot be viewed or downloaded. However, the publisher at times may allow a preview of the same.

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How Do I Locate Public Domain Books


How-Do-Works-Enter-Public-Domain      Work in public domain signifies information that can be freely accessed by one and all. Such work is not bound by the restrictions of the copyright law and therefore, falls under no individual authority. Work is slotted under public domain due to various reasons. More..




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How Do I Locate Public Domain Books ?  )
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