Public Domain List Of Books  

Any literary work that was created or published before January 1, 1923 is in public domain, which means that it can be used by any individual in any way he or she desires without any legal restrictions.

The law of copyrights was formulated thereafter. It placed all work published between 1923 and 1963 under copyright protection for a period of 28 years.The rights could be renewed for another 47 years, in the absence of which the work fell into public domain. Years later, the rule extended the renewal time span from 47 to 67 years.

Again, the copyright law underwent an alteration that eliminated the need of renewing the rights altogether. As per this rule, rights of protection of work published between 1964 and 1977 after the expiry of the 28 year period, would automatically be renewed for another 67 years. Yet again, the terms and conditions of the copyright law were transformed from the year 1978. All work produced before January 1, 1978, but not published, would now be protected by the copyright law for the entire lifetime of the author and another 70 years after his or her demise or till December 31, 2002, which ever happened first. Work produced before January 1, 1978 and published between this date and December 31, 2002 will be safeguarded by the copyright law during the lifetime of the author and 70 years beyond his death or till December 31, 2047; whichever one comes first.

There are many sites that help to access books in public domain. BooksForABuck is one such site that promises to have books that may not be found elsewhere. Other important sites for public domain books include Abika and Blackmask. Sites such as Litrix contain books by famous authors like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle and Alexandre Dumas. While the site BAEN Free Library is a repository for science fiction novels. Bartleby, another public domain site for books, showcases fiction ad non-fiction work. Eldritch Press highlights availability of American and English Classics in public domain. The English Server is a site that vouches to contain more than 29,000 works. The site entitled Worldwide School encompasses literary work in the fields of mystery, science fiction, romance, and children’s fiction.

Other significant sites related to books in public domain are ManyBooks, The Naked Word, Authorama, Bibliomania, Carnagie Mellon University Electronic Library, Digital Library at The University of Pennsylvania and Project Gutenberg.

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Public Domain List Of Books


Public-Domain-Music      Music composition is an extraordinary creative instinct that must be given its due appreciation and protection from duplication and misuse. The judiciary of nearly all nations respects this aspect and makes provision for protection of originality in the creative fields via the medium of copyright law. All music registered under the copyright law cannot be part of the public domain. More..




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