Finding A List Of Trademark Names  

Just think, you are about to open a new company and you have thought of a very impressive name for your company. However, it may happen that after disclosing names or ideas about your company, others may use the same.

It’s very important to legally protect name of your company or any product from being copied by others. Trademarks protect the rights of owners of a company, keeping others from using their names on similar or competing products or services. Trademarks also protect consumers; by preventing other companies from using the names or marks of others, consumers can be confident of who they're buying from.

You need to check if you are legally permitted to use the name you've chosen for your products and services. Hence, it is very important that you first research about the trademarked names. You need to determine whether anybody else has not already registered that name, otherwise you’ll violate the trademark rights.

You can trademark product names if it doesn’t infringe another name. Business names can be trademarked if the business offers services, such as marketing, legal, accounting, etc. Business names may be trademarked, but only if there are goods or services with that name. The U.S. Trademark Office is very oppressive about the difference between business names and product names. Hence, it’s very important to be particular about these names as they have definite rules for each.

To get a list of trademark names, you can refer various books available in the market. Also, there are various websites which offer list of trademark names that may come in handy. You can also start trademark name search at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's website.

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Finding A List Of Trademark Names


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Finding A List Of Trademark Names )
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