How To Trademark A Slogan ?  

The United States Copyright law doesn’t grant copyright of a slogan. However, if a slogan signifies and categorizes the source of goods or services, then it may qualify for a trademark.

Strict rules and regulations exist for determining whether or not a slogan can become a registered mark i.e. trademark. There are several parameters through which a slogan is gauged and then a trademark is granted.

Slogans which convey the meaning of the goods or services and which sound informative are considered suitable for granting trademark. The slogan should identify the product; also, it should be capable of distinguishing the manufacturer’s product from other sources. Hence, it implies that the slogan should stand out from other products available in the market.

Hence, considering this fact, slogans are sometimes used only in promoting or marketing of the product. It is not considered as a part of the packaging of the product.

A slogan should be completely classifiable and should stand out as a mark in itself. Also, the slogan should clearly denote the product it is related to, so that the common public can relate with it. Hence, a slogan should be so catchy and after reading a slogan, it should clearly strike in one’s mind that it belongs to that particular product. Famous examples of a slogan can be for Nike “Just do it” and MacDonald’s “I’m loving it”.

Hence, to conclude, protecting slogans can be a very tricky proposal. Nonetheless, if taken into account, all conditions pertaining to it, slogans can be protected by trademark.


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How To Trademark A Slogan


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How To Trademark A Slogan ? )
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