Use Of Trademark Name In Film  

To put forward in simple words, trademark law lends legal protection to things like names, logos, and other marketing devices that are classifiable. Actually, the use of a trademark is to distinguish a person’s products or services from others.

It may happen that if you don’t trademark your product or services, others might use it for their interest and that may create problem for you. You might not have any evidence to prove that you are the sole owner of your product’s name. To overcome such nuisance, trademarking names of your product is very important.
For example, if I own a film manufacturing company and use a trademark name “Nikion”, people may get baffled into thinking that the film is made by the same company of Nikon.

Using trademark names in film has increased these days. No film manufacturing companies wants its name to be used by other companies. People may get confused that it’s the same company making the film again or, in cases, where the film doesn’t market well, the name of the original company may falter. Hence, if a trademark names are used in films, the company can sue the other company for copying its name. This way, the trademark infringement cases can be avoided to a great extent.

Moreover, in cases where a newly established company is looking for a new name for its company may think of a unique name which may coincide with your company’s name. Unknowingly, that company may even go further to register the name of its company’s name. But, if you have used a trademark name, the company may not get the trademark because it has already been used by you. Hence, this way you can protect your company’s name.

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Use Of Trademark Name In Film


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Use Of Trademark Name In Film )
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