Aiding And Abetting And Failure To Act  

An accomplice is a person who aids in a wrongful act, and even though they are not directly connected to the crime, they are helping it to take place. This is called aiding or abetting, and even this is a crime according to the legal system.

Aiding and abetting is a legally wrong thing to do and means the same as being an accomplice to some wrongful doing. Sometimes, in criminal situations, if you fail to act even while watching a crime take place, it is called aiding and abetting. Failure to take the right action is an equal crime such as the crime itself. In this kind of an offense, the person could be a mere witness or might also just cooperate by not telling the respective authorities about the crime. However, even though the accomplice has no direct role to play in the crime, or he or she did not initiate it or did it in actual terms, they are still liable for the crime.

An accomplice is also known as the abettor. However, in the US, the more common term to be used is an accomplice, and the act of cooperating is known as abetting. Aiding and abetting also is sometimes as a result of the failure to act on the situation in the right way. If you notice that someone is cheating and were fully aware of it, then the right thing to do would have been to take corrective measures like informing the law, for instance.

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Aiding And Abetting And Failure To Act

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Aiding And Abetting And Failure To Act )
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