Is Aiding And Abetting Felony Or Misdemeanor ?  

The notion of aiding and abetting is one of the vaguest concepts under the umbrella of criminal law. Many people do not know the definition of aiding and abetting and what exactly are the consequences of getting involved in it. Actually aiding and abetting is one of the most common kinds of crimes that happen on a day to day basis.

Aiding or abetting in simple terms means to assist a crime or just not taking the right action. Being present at the spot of crime is not aiding and abetting, but having complete knowledge that such an event is going to take place and not doing anything about it is a crime.

Abetting and aiding is a crime, and can be called a felony or misdemeanor depending on the nature of the actual crime that took place. For instance, if you knew about a bank robbery in advance and did nothing to prevent it despite having complete knowledge about the robbery in advance, then you are also counted as the perpetrator even though you did not have anything to do with the crime directly. In that case, you would be charged for felony and criminal charges also. Abetting and aiding reserves the same punishment for the perpetrators of the crime. The law does not recognize any difference. For example, you might know that your friend is about to commit a crime and if you just keep quiet as though you were non interfering, you can be still be thought of as an accomplice in the crime.

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Is Aiding And Abetting Felony Or Misdemeanor

Aiding-And-Abetting-And-Failure-To-Act      An accomplice is a person who aids in a wrongful act, and even though they are not directly connected to the crime, they are helping it to take place. This is called aiding or abetting, and even this is a crime according to the legal system. More..




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Is Aiding And Abetting Felony Or Misdemeanor )
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