What Is Aiding And Abetting ?  

Aiding and abetting refers to any person who helps the person committing the crime and facilitates him to carry out the illegal deed.

For example, if you are a person involved in the smuggling of drugs, though you may not be present in the actual crime scene, in case you have facilitated the illegal deed, you are called an abettor.

This theory refers to the criminal liability of the abettor or the person who aids and the punishment is the same as the person who committed the crime under federal law. However, in some states, the sentence may be less for the abettor.

The following circumstances / deeds generally fall in to the category of aiding or abetting:

  • If the accused is found guilty due to the knowledge of the crime
  • If the offense is committed by someone under some person’s instruction
  • The person who is the defendant has either participated directly in committing the offense or assisted in executing the deed

Mere presence at the crime scene does not make you liable for the deed; you need to be involved in helping the crime succeed. The logic behind punishing the person involved in aiding or abetting is the knowledge of the crime. In case you are facilitating the crime, the fact is that you are already aware of the strategies. The participation may be direct or indirect but since you are involved in the deed, you are also convicted.

In case you are suspected of either aiding or abetting a criminal, seek the advice of an expert criminal defense lawyer in order to avoid getting convicted.

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What Is Aiding And Abetting

Punishment-For-Aiding-And-Abetting      Aiding and abetting refers to that act of a person who facilitates to carry out a criminal deed directly at the scene of the crime or indirectly by helping with the strategies. For example, in a criminal case which involves smuggling of drugs, you may not be present in the actual scene when the deed was carried out but if you have been involved in facilitating it, you would be called an abettor and punished. More..




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