Case Studies On Arson  

Cases have been filed in the past where firefighters have been convicted as they were responsible for a chain of fire accidents in a few towns in the United States. Many individuals were arrested after a string of fires started in a town called Coatesville creating a nightmare among the residents.

The reason behind this motive was not known. Investigations did not reveal any set or preplanned pattern. The number of crimes that occurred, the frequency of crimes and also lack of any connection between the suspects added to the complication further. Psychologists said the reason could just be to create some excitement in the town and gain media attention though it could not be truly justified.

There came a point where a lot of fire cases were not resolved at all and the shocking incidents started spreading to the nearby areas generating panic and headlines all over the place. There was a lot of material destruction and not human life, hence killing people was not the motive. In spite of a lot of arrests and precautionary legal measures, cases kept pouring in.

Later it was found that some firefighters became actual firebugs. Though they opted to do voluntary fire fighting, they were paid to create havoc in the town and become firebugs. The forensic department was in for a surprise when they found that this motive was not fixed or preplanned. It was just to seek attention and thrill among the masses, display heroic imitation skills and also exploit the insurance providers who incurred huge costs due to the claims.

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Case Studies On Arson

Common-Mistakes-Made-In-Arson-Investigations      Mistakes have been committed in the past by the forensic department who executed a lot of arson investigations. One example occurred in 2003 when Beverly Jean Long was prosecuted. One important reason for making such mistakes is relying on outdated theories which cannot be scientifically proved. Many of the conclusions were based on folk wisdom or a collection of old beliefs. Hence, the reasons of the fire accident are deciphered wrongly. More..




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