Common Mistakes Made In Arson Investigations  

Mistakes have been committed in the past by the forensic department who executed a lot of arson investigations. One example occurred in 2003 when Beverly Jean Long was prosecuted.

One important reason for making such mistakes is relying on outdated theories which cannot be scientifically proved. Many of the conclusions were based on folk wisdom or a collection of old beliefs.

Hence, the reasons of the fire accident are deciphered wrongly.

However, in the last few years, these uncertain beliefs have been exposed by a lot of lab tests which proved that these conclusions were either plainly wrong or quite unclear.

The identifying of the right reason also depends on the competency of the professionals to accurately determine where the fire originated and also the cause. Experts generally tend to overstate their findings and since they are not very open to scientific knowledge and the need to prove the cause of the accidents clearly by theories, the fact does not come out. Hence, in a couple of fire accident cases, though the mistake was not criminal, the reports tend to reveal that it is a crime. In this case, people end up being convicted based on findings that are not systematically right. However, steps are being taken by defense lawyers to reach out to private fire experts to investigate independently.

Shoddy analysis, resistance to change, non-exposure to in-depth reviews, untested and unproven theories are a couple of other challenges for the forensics domain. Reports have stated that thousands of fire accidents which have occurred in the last 50 years have been misinterpreted which also means that many innocent people have been punished.

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Common Mistakes Made In Arson Investigations

Forensic-Arson-Investigation-Techniques      A fire accident is considered as an arson fire is all the other possibilities of the accident can be ruled out. Arson fires are deliberately created fires to cause damage or destruction of property or life. In order to claim that the accident is arson fire, the person who is investigating should prove with sufficient evidence that one or more factors of the fire triangle (fuel source, oxygen and heat) was tampered. More..




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Common Mistakes Made In Arson Investigations )
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